Gambar Produk
Rp 848.000.000

Harga Mitsubishi Fuso di Balikpapan Desember 2021

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FM517HS 4x2 220PS CHASSIS848.000.000
FM517HS 4x2 220PS DUMP TRUCK982.500.000
FM517HL 4x2 220PS CHASSIS878.500.000
FM517HL 4x2 220PS DUMP TRUCK1.013.500.000
FM517HL LONG 4x2 220PS CHASSIS884.000.000
FM517HL LONG 4x2 220PS DUMP TRUCK1.001.500.000
FM517ML2 6x2 220PS CHASSIS1.027.000.000
FM517ML2 6x2 220PS DUMP TRUCK1.136.500.000
FN517ML2 SUPER LONG 6x2 220PS CHASSIS1.286.500.000
FN527MS 6x4 220PS CHASSIS1.150.500.000
FN527MS 6x4 220PS DUMP TRUCK1.305.500.000
FM65FS 4x2 (5,465m) 240PS CHASSIS (BBN BAK BESI)871.500.000
FM65FS 4x2 (5,465m) 240PS DUMP TRUCK1.007.000.000
FM65FS HI GEAR 4x2 (5,465m) 240PS CHASSIS (BBN BAK BESI)877.000.000
FM65FS HI GEAR 4x2 (5,465m) 240PS DUMP TRUCK1.012.500.000
FM65FL 4x2 (7,335m) 240PS CHASSIS (BBN BAK BESI)894.000.000
FM65FL HI GEAR 4x2 (7,335m) 240PS CHASSIS (BBN BAK BESI)899.500.000
FM65FSL 4x2 (8,500m) 240PS CHASSIS (BBN BAK BESI)893.000.000
FM65FSL HI GEAR 4x2 (8,500m) 240PS CHASSIS (BBN BAK BESI)898.500.000
FN61FS 6x2 (6,430m) 240PS CHASSIS (BBN BAK BESI)1.028.500.000
FN61FM HD 6x2 (7,705m) 270PS CHASSIS (BBN BAK BESI)
FN61FL 6x2 (9,880m) 240PS CHASSIS (BBN BAK BESI)1.030.500.000
FN61FL HD 6x2 (9,880m) 270PS CHASSIS (BBN BAK BESI)1.056.500.000
FN62F 6x4 (6,430m) 270PS CHASSIS (BBN BAK BESI)
FN62F 6x4 (6,430m) 270PS DUMP TRUCK1.335.500.000
FN62F HD U 6x4 (6,430m) 270PS CHASSIS (BBN BAK BESI)1.234.500.000
FN62F HD U 6x4 (6,430m) 270PS DUMP TRUCK1.390.000.000
FN62F HD R 6x4 (6,430m) 270PS CHASSIS (BBN BAK BESI)1.245.500.000
FN62F HD R 6x4 (6,430m) 270PS DUMP TRUCK1.401.500.000
FN62FL HD 6x4 (9,040m) 270PS CHASSIS (BBN BAK BESI)1.200.500.000
FN62FL HD R 6x4 (9,040m) 270PS CHASSIS (BBN BAK BESI)
FN62F TH 6x4 270PS CHASSIS (BBN BAK BESI)1.287.500.000

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